BESM Campaign: Inheritance of mana character creation

Normally a sane person would have the setting information up but that is still undergoing some work. For now, I will post the character creation rules.

Character creation guidelines

Point limits

Max attribute level*: 4

Min/Max combat values: 4/8

Min/Max damage multiplier: 3/6

*the attributes combat technique, armor and energy bonus can go up to level 8

BESM 3rd edition with some changes.

Stats: Characters start with body, mind and soul at 4.

Attributes: Characters have 80 points to distribute to stats, attributes.

Skills: I will be importing the background system from the famous game 13th Age. Characters receive 10 points to distribute to backgrounds. A background describes non combat related skills that a character learns through study or a profession. Background points can be added to any attribute rolls that are relevant.

Available races – any skill points received as part of the race still apply as additional bonuses to relevant checks.

Dwarf- 30 points as dwarf on page 113 of core.

Half-Dragon-  80 points as half dragon on page 114 of core.

Half-Oni- 40 points as half oni on page 115 of core.

Human- 0 cost, 0 bonuses

*Updated Lamina– 47 points.

Nekojin-20 points as nekojin page 117.

Other races in consideration: Lamina, part elemental, harpy

Skills-use high fantasy for point costs

Restricted attributes: Alternate Identity, Computer scanning, Dimension portal, Dimension walk, metamorphisis, reincarnation, space flight, teleport

Partial restrictions**: extra arms, extra actions, flight, healing, insubstantial, invisibility, item, land speed, jumping, mimic powers, mind control, regeneration (health points only), sensory block, size change, super speed, super strength, swarm, tunneling, transmutation, water speed

**some of these have some easy cheese potential and may have some minor restrictions.

Special attacks/spells: All special attacks or spells will cost energy points to perform. All are required to have the deplete defect. Especially powerful attacks require either charges or additional defect restrictions.

Weapon restrictions: Helper, Incurable, multidimensional


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