New BESM campaign idea coming soon

I have been away for awhile and have had the urge to create a world. Because of my workload and current group structure however it is highly unlikely I will get to ever run it. I don’t want my idea to fade away so I decided to write it down for later. I will be sharing all the setting and character creation rules soon. I will say my major inspiration for the setting is magic and the different ways it is used. The game revolves around heroes that are a part of a guild and unlike many anime, the game aims to stay with this structure and sprinkle big events in instead of it being about big events with a guild only there to provide a reason for characters to know one another.

Also I got my new books in last week! I will try to post a picture sometime but my image keeps returning errors 😦

*edited a portion as it could be read in a manner that could be taken out of context.


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