A random post

Hello, its been awhile. I dont have any large updates but i did want to post something.

So, back a few years ago, I bought a copy of the Trunks saga sourcebook for the dragon ball z role playing game. Little did I know that it would eventually turn out to be a collector’s item.  Apparently it is going as low as 160.00 and half priced books is selling it for a whopping 485.00! Its insane!


Also I am being driven nuts by the wait for the new Anima beyond fantasy sourcebook “Arcana Exxet”. CANNOT wait for it as it has Ofuda scrolls and special new summons. It was supposed to come out in May but I hear its now out in June/July. Dont you love delays?


Anyway, I should probably read up on shadowrun. I have to run it tomorrow and while I have an idea of what to expect, I am still out of practice.


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