My Palladium Collection

a lot of books


I have a TON of rpgs from Palladium Games. For some reason they have been pretty easy for me to get over the years…  Without further time wasting, lets get on with it!

First, I have a good amount of Rifts books. I picked up the GM”s guide, adventures guide and a few of the world books and other setting books. Someday i will play this game…

Next, I have misc copies of the Rifter, Pallidium’s magazine. They have new stuff to almost all of their properties.

After that, I have Nightbane. This was a cool setting somewhat similar to a world of darkness setting.

Then, Splicers. Splicers is a game like Guyver but you face MACHINES!!!

After that, I have Palladium Fantasy plus a few of its supplements. Palladium fantasy looks like it could be fun to try. I have second edition core in case you wanted to know.

Follow that, i have Ninjas and superspies! Though the plural for Ninja is Ninja.

I just picked up a few weeks ago, a copy of Beyond the supernatural, the company’s psycic and investagator rpg.

Then, i have the catalog of contemporary weapons guide. This is kind a cool as it works with many of the games listed. They desperately need a 2012 update though.

And last but not least- I have a copy of Ninja turtles and one of the source books for it.

*not picutred- somewhere i have a copy of Recon, their Military rpg.


I have been getting a lot of my collection second hand. Half price books in Cedar tend to have a lot of Rifts books. I tend to pick them up for like 7 bucks a book or so. Now i have a ton of books for the occasion that someday i can actually run something other than dnd and shadowrun! Speaking of Half price books, i believe they have the another  copy of the ultimate edition of the core rules. TTYL!



  1. Hello, someone sent this image to me claiming that these were his books (in a purchase I was arranging). I am filing a claim with Paypal and would like confirmation that this is not his image. Would you mind contacting me? Thanks in advance.

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