Combat Maneuvers- Anima Beyond Fantasy

I have compiled a list of the many maneuvers that characters may elect to do during combat in Anima.  I had plans to create a full document that went over many of these using example characters and may still do this, but for now this list may be used as a quick reference.



The notation for finding the page number and which book are listed below.

Anima Core book- C

Narrator’s toolkit- N

Dominus Exxet- D


Disable- Disable an opponent without killing him. C84

Directed Attack- Attack a specific part of the target’s body. C84

Take down- tackle the target to the ground. C85

Knock out- Attack that has the possibility of putting out the lights.C85

Put at Weapons point- Put weapon at a vital point suggesting that any move could be their last. C85

Disarm- Either through a flourish or by pure strength knock the weapon from an opponent’s hand. C85

Trap- Pin or immobilize opponent. C85

Area attack- Your weapon sweeps to hit multiple opponents with one strike.  C85

Combat Riding- Ride a mount and attack from above. Gain height advantage while doing so. C87

Acrobatics- can be used to gain tactical advantage such as flanking. C87

Charging- Charge your opponent with furious intent! C84

Push Weapon’s Speed- Sacrifice lethality of your weapon to try to strike more swiftly. N7

On the Offensive- Drop your guard to land a potentially more powerful strike. N7

Total Attack- Attack putting all your might into a mighty swing. N7


Pure defense- Give up your active action to go on the defensive. C86

Push aside-  Ally can push someone to the ground to avoid an attack.  Uses an active action. C86

Absorb Hit- Forgo the block to take it like a man. By doing this, you do not lose your active action upon hit. C86

Acrobatics- Can be used to withdraw from melee range. C87

Unarmed Block- You may try to block a blade with your bare hands.  By doing this, you do not lose your active action upon getting hit. C86

On the Defensive- Raising your defensive ability without completely turtling down. N7


Attacking and Defending- Attacking and defending while holding someone.  N6

Full Attack- Make a full on attack while holding an opponent. The opponent is dropped afterword. N6

Crush- Crush the body of your opponent. N7

Strangle- Self-explanatory, choke or strangle the opponent. N7


Sleight of hand- juggling can be used to catch a projectile mid air. C87

Multiple Missiles- Strike with several knives/arrows at once. D12

Defensive Fan- Using dexterous or careful movements, you can matrix dodge multiple projectiles.  Projectiles in the defensive fan do not multiply the number of defenses.D12

Masterful Maneuvers


Tactical situations

Flank- attacked by two or more opponents from two different sides. C83

From Behind- A rear assult used to take advantage of an opponent’s blind spot C83

Surprise- Catch an opponent off guard. Surprised foes automatically lose their initiative. C83

Vision obscured- partially or complete obscurement can seriously hinder you. C83

Higher Ground- height advantage by terrain or riding a mount. C83

From Ground- laying flat on the ground can be a hindrance.  C83

Immobilized- partially, mostly or fully- different issues arise from not being able to move effectively. C83- C84

Levitating- Floating supernaturally or against their will can be. C84

Flight- Various flight modes and speeds. C84

Drawing Weapon- Penalty also applies to changing weapons mid conflict. C84

Crowed Space- Narrow corridors are not easy to fight in, especially with slashing type weapons.  C84

Enemy Size- Smaller or larger sized opponents can help or hinder your ability to strike.  C84

Two Weapon Fighting- Using two weapons multiplies your chances of striking. N7



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