Super Dungeon Explore: Power of the Black Skulls

SDE scenario 3- Power of the black skulls
In this scenario, the dark consul has obtained a powerful new magic in the form of black skulls. The skulls of midnight¬† were crafted deep within the¬†consul ‘s tower, in the zone of darkness by the black wizard Crowley. The skulls provide the dark consul with an edge and with them, will this spell doom for the heroes?

This scenario modifies the normal defeat the boss scenario of SDE.

New rules
Skulls of midnight- these essentially render all spawn points invulnerable. Place a number of counters equal to the players on the board after players deploy and before initiative. Each turn before initiative is rolled, the dark consul rolls a green die. If the number of stars rolled are greater than the number of skulls then the skulls activate and monster spawn points cannot be destroyed for this turn.

ex: in a 3 player game, the counsel player places 3 counters on the field. During his turn, he rolls a green die. He rolls a 4. During this turn, the black skulls activate and render the spawn points invincible.

If the black skulls do not activate, then any hero standing near a black skull automatically takes damage equal to the number of stars rolled. If the heart&potion is rolled, one hero near a black skull has found a way to tap into the energy for a turn and replenish a heart and potion.

As each skull is destroyed, the ambient energies released empower the remaining skulls making it harder to destroy spawn points. When the last skull is destroyed, all heroes automatically replenish 1 health and remove all status counters. Note: its impossible for the skulls to activate unless 3 or less remain. This is ok, as that means anyone near them may potentially take damage.

Other than this, the game plays as normal.

Black Skull
Heart points: 2 ARM: 1 white 1 red


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