Dragon Ball: Race Idea

New Race:Blukan
Bulkans are from planet Physt. Bulkans take pride in their super strength and are typically slow whitted. At times a smaller Bulkan is born that instead of physical strength it excells in mental prowess. The typical Bulkan is heavy set, humanoid with a t-bone shaped body, large shoulders, big muscles. THey have an almost reptilian appearance with head fins. Bulkans are usually 7-9 ft tall and their skin tends to run the gamut of cool colors.

Bulkans tend to become Mercenaries as other races tend to need extra muscle. Bulkans as a species tend to only be able to internalize their mental/ki energies making ki blasts next to impossible, however they are still able to use techniques like negate damage. Many Bulkans turn to technology or throwing large pieces of earth for ranged attacks.

New Racial powers
Smack down- Used to increase their melee damage. Need to test but initially thinking 20 power per + 5 bonus in melee damage. Limit 3 x physical.  Stacks with super strength!
Body enhancement- Superstrength cap increased from 2x physical to 3x physical.



  1. I will be honest, i think of concepts before trying to rebalance… not a good idea as i am not that good at balance either ^ _ ^ ;

    One of my goals of DBZRPG was to find a way to make physical combat much more appealing. Sometimes I think people get too much into energy combat to remember that hand to hand also plays a role. I created this race because i was interested in a concept of a creature that is really strong but just cant fire a fireball to save its life. It can protect itself against them but must rely on its innate hand to hand skills. This will see a revision though…

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