Dragon ball mini series idea 1

Dragon ball mini series idea: Evil Namek Saga
Lately i have been thinking about an evil Namek character. This campaign will only really work if a major NPC or a PC is a nameccian. The basic premise is that an Evil Nameccian Mollok has come to earth looking for any other Nameccians. Mollok has mastered the black leech technique, which has the power to forcibly merge with the character, taking their lifeforce and power for his own. The technique, can only be used against a helpless Nameccian. If he is able to successfully perform this technique, not only will the target cease to exist, the villian’s focus will double each time it is used!

True to my style of db games, the villian will have a few commanders and mooks under his command. SInce i am designing this for any type of campaign, i will be designing the basics of his crew but will design them to be vague as possible so that way any GM can take what i have and either substitute their own ideas or fun with them.



  1. Sounds like a decent campaign idea- if one of the P.Cs is a Namekian. I’m not sure if it would work so well with an NPC though unless it’s one the players like a lot (or one who normally plays the role of the victim/slips well into it who the P.Cs don’t mind as such). Otherwise, it’s too much spotlight time as far as I can tell.

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