Anima: beyond fantasy Dominus Exxet

Anima: beyond fantasy has released in English the Dominus Exxet sourcebook. It runs for 39.99 new. If you are invested in Anima or if you like the line at all, it would be a good idea to purchase this source book. Other than giving martial characters more options the book also deals with the very nature of Ki as well as its polar opposite ‘nemesis’. The source book I found had some great suggestions for handling combats that have dynamic effects. You can now do a good job of recreating DBZ like battles with Anima (and you know how much i like my DBZ).

The rpg also had some things inspired by Naruto in that you can now select what are practically advanced bloodlines. Your character can belong to a clan of people who have extraordinary abilities. The bloodline powers can be so powerful that they can even impose an experience point penalty!

My personal favorite part about the new sourcebook is the new weapons. Some of the new zodiac weapons are insane! They have gunblades, whipswords, even the ability to throw stuff like roses at deadly accuracy! This sourcebook rocks! They even have summoning techniques for warrior type characters!

But the best part about this whole thing is that this is not the last sourcebook for Anima this year! Finally Fantasy Flight decided to really assault the pocket books of their customers by announcing the next source book ‘Those who walk among us!” I cant wait!


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