Dragon ball: states super sayian test

When i first thought about the idea of states, i imagined a catchall term for the many power boosts characters can achieve in dragon ball.  One of my goals of hacking the rpg is to make it close to the source material while still maintaining playability for all players involved. Because of this, when i try to design states, i try to assign good power boosts while still not opening the gap. As i discussed before, if characters are not within 18 points of each other in fighting, evasion and power accuracy, then the character who is lower than 18 points will never have a chance.   That said, one of my writeups for the super sayian state does brake my rule. I do not like it but i think it could be a good framework to which to build upon.

Name: Super Sayian

Unlock: This state has a few unique requirement. in addition to xp costs, this state also requires the character to have amassed over 1 million points of power during the current combat. This means that anytime the character, through temporary boosts or states has had in their power pool over 1 million points during that battle, they have a chance to unlock the state.

Effect: The super sayian state multiplies current power level by 4. Your current health, defense and melee damage are doubled.  It also increases fighting, evasion and power accuracy by 5 points. Power control is multiplied by 2. When you first become a super sayian, the power is overwhelming to the user and makes it hard for them to control it. Each turn, the character will lose 50,000 power from their power pool. They will revert to normal form if they cannot pay for their transformation.

Revert: A character that reverts back to normal from super sayian will lose the bonuses granted by the form.

Reducing the burden

Level 1: Each turn, the transformation costs 50,000 power

Level 2: Each turn, the transformation costs 40,000 power

Level 3: Each turn, the transformation costs 30,000 power

Level 4: Each turn, the transformation costs 20,00 power

Level 5: Each turn, the transformation costs 10,000 power.

EX: Beats is a sayian that can transform into a super sayian. His unpowered stats are as follows:

Power up 235,000 current power in pool = 0

Health: 500 Defense:65

Fighting total: 70

Evasion total: 67

Power accuracy total: 68

Power control total:  350

Melee damage- 100

If he powers up twice and becomes a super sayian, he will have

Current power pool: 1,800,000

Health: 1000 Defense: 130

Fighting total: 75

Evasion total: 72

Power accuracy total: 73

Power control total: 700

Melee damage: 200

At the end of the round in which he transforms, he will lose 50,000 power from his power pool.

XP Cost  x

cost reduction nobel purpose – 5

knows of existance – 5

enraged – 5



  1. NOTE: However a Changeling (Frieza’s species) Fifth Form works, you should make it plausible that Goku actually outlasts it in combat using the Super Saiyan state (you could fall back on the fact Goku had a power level of 3,000,000, but it should probably cost a lot more than Level 1 Super Saiyan).

  2. With something as powerful as Frieza’s final form, it would definately be a pricy transformation to maintain. It is also possible goku lasted longer from other things, for instance: If the players decided to spend a resource point on giving Goku a temporary boost which goes into his power pool, then goku gets the rage bonus, then Goku turns super and multiplies all that power by 4. Goku’s controller could have been good at resource management during that battle as well. But keep in mind, this is but a draft, not set in stone!

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