Settings I want to try

While i love my D&D groups (playing in 4-5 games right now), I would LOVE to do something different. Something fun, yet different than d&d. I would like to use either my BESM 3rd edition print copy or my future OVA (wise turtle games) to run a few games.

I have been interested in running a game set in a world similar to Get backers. The heroes are highly skilled contractors who are hired to reclaim anything, from people to artifacts to precious sentimental objects. There would always be more to the object than meets the eye and that is part of the fun! The characters would have one paranormal ability that is broad enough to be fun, yet not powerful enough to conquer the land.

Another setting i want to run is the multiverse setting that BESM 3 has. Set one character as a skeleton key, the rest are his high school friends. One day, while hanging out they are sent to one of the worlds. The other characters are magically changed (to whatever powers/techniques they made when making the character).



  1. Thanks. I used to play BESM all the time. Each saturday it seemed there was a different one-shot 8 hour session. Good times, but high school is like that for role players. Long sessions and great memories.

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