Anima Tactics: cold weather combat

Anima Tactics- Cold weather combat
Optional rules I wish to share that I created that can be introduced along side of a scenario.

The characters are either exposed to supernatural forces that drastically lowered the temperature in the surrounding area or are in a cold environment like the arctic. Certain characters are affected by the weather. They are listed in the character expectations section.

A type of token will be added to the game to represent heat or fire sources necessary to keep characters to succumbing to the numbing cold. A heat source takes up a one inch square. A heat source has no armor, 1 lp, 10 defense.

Each turn if a character is not standing within 3 inches of the heat source, they are considered affected by the cold. While affected by the cold, any action a character attempts to do costs 1 action point more to perform. Any character can start a new source for the cost of 1 action. Any character can destroy a fire source by performing a melee attack on it.

characters can push other characters into a heat source. If they do a successful throw and the character is thrown into the same space as the heat source, they take 4 points of damage that ignores resistances.

My thoughts for characters unaffected are those who are either a metal shell, characters with control over fire (colonel), or characters with divine protection (saint Hazael).

Suggestions for Characters unaffected by the cold: The Colonel, The Legacy of Solomon, Grimorium, Goethia, Fallen Angel Ophiel, Shinigami Ayl, Konosuke, all summons, Macbeth, High Saint Elienai , Saint Hazael.



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