Caught me eye!

A tabletop game that I really enjoyed in the 90’s was called the D6 system. It was an rpg system that only used d6’s and was built to be multi-genre. I did not have a lot of money growing up and so this game was one of our go-to rpgs. One week, we were playing swordsmen in a final fantasy style game and the next, blasting enemies in a megaman-legends style game. Needless to say, it was easy to modify to suit our needs. Somewhere down the line, we stepped away from this good game and pursued other game systems. Well, I found that when the game went open license, someone distilled the game to its core elements and released it as Mini-six. Mini-Six looks great, thanks to the care of Anti-Paladin games. I cannot personally wait to see if I can modify the game again like days long past.


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