D&D4E homebrew campaign- The story so far pt 1.

Party members of part 1. More on these characters can be found in the primer page.

Cain- Male Tiefling warlock

Quelenna- Female Eladrin Thief

Torinn the Great- Male Dragonborn Fighter

Eldeth Steelborne- Female Dwarven Fighter

The heroes met in the lands of the vermillion plains. Vermillion is a province that was heavily beset with danger as goblinonids, humans and gnoll forces fought over the lands for many centuries. The city of new crimson was recently created to honor the first city of Crimson that was destroyed 5 years ago. The heroes met with their patron named Barron Bruen (actually the deposed king Stephen Martin but kept hi s name secret from his charges).  The Barron offered much in the way of coin if the heroes cleared his old fortress of the threat that was housed in it.

The heroes did as they asked, freeing some hostages in the process. The heroes also met with a man named Percy Steelhelm, a nobel from the Haven State province. Percival was not particularly useful and earned the ire of the team, especially angering the tiefling warlock Cain several times.  The heroes returned to find that several wild creatures called bullette’s were released into the lands of Vermillion by an unknown force. The Bullette’s massive jaws and hunger destroyed the rebuilt city. After the creatures left, the heroes left the hostages in the city with Clarissa the eladrin barkeep.

The heroes left for the city of Maroon to find any clues or hints as to where Baron Bruen went. The heroes noticed a strong presence of gnoll forces gathering in the lands. They managed to get to the city unnoticed. At the city, they found the body of a man, whom assumed that the very kids the heroes saved, dead. The man had taken his own life because of the grief. Before the heroes could alert the watch, young woman named Alice spotted them. She was upset at the sceen but before she could alert the watch, the heroes told her the story. She at first did not believe them, but did not report them to the watch. That night, at Maroon’s pub, the heroes heard a disturbing scream. The heroes saw villiagers being taken forcibly into the Durandul family crypt. Cain felt powerful yet alien magical energies spill out from the crypt. The heroes decided to investigate the crypt to figure out who or what was kidnapping people.

The crypt held special secret. The cypt itself gathered people and used their blood as a sacrifice to complete a ritual. Every twenty years, the crypt is designed to gather people and the Durandul would use them to learn the family secret of chronomagery. It gathers a few towns people and sacrifices them, letting passage to the next people who enter to the inner sanctum of the lab. The heroes were taken to the sanctum, but it had been long abandoned. The Williford Durandul, last seen twenty years ago, had a great magical mishap that ruined his family lab. Within the years to follow creatures had taken residence in the cave. The heroes had to fight their way out of the crypt and while doing so, they met with a man who they would not soon forget. His name was Scroud.

Scroud was looking for the secret of chronomagery in the Durandul family crypt. The heroes attacked him and thought they finished him. Cain took his magic rod as a trophy. Upon exit, the heroes had learned that the cave had magically augmented them. The heroes would begin to deage for a while. The heroes also learned that they were no-longer in the lands of the Vermillion plains. The heroes met with kathandus harper, A human paladin who was allied with the Baron. Kathandus took the heroes to the nearest settlement. Along the way, she explained that it had been quite some time since the caves. Three years had passed unbeknown to the heroes.

The nearest settlement was known as the Ruse, which was a large inn ran by 4 Orcs who preferred a more civilized approach to life. There, they met up with the Baron. He explained who he really was, and professed his upmost faith in the party. He also explained that the lands of Vermillion were once again the home of the Gnolls as Maroon had fallen as did the capital city Kenzer.  The party learned that the badlands had also been magically affected to produce a magical rain that ruined crops and various metals. He also told the party that the dragonborn city of Scorshan had been attacked by Gaints. The dragonborn were still fighting there, but several fled to a smaller outpost in the desert. The dragonborn had wished to have Torinn enter a great trial of bravery and strength.  The settlement of Scorshan was then set ablaze by gnoll warriors who wished to kill the party. The party + kathandus tracked the gnolls to their small hideout in the northern mountains and defeated them. Kathandus left the party to help the people affected by the gnoll attack. The party ventured north to the Scorshan outpost.

Along the way, the party spotted a supply cart that was destroyed. Large claw marks torn the cart apart and the horse was eaten.  The party was almost attacked by two dragons. These were Grey dragons who inhabited the mountains. The party had stayed hidden from the dragons and they eventually lost interest. The sand had began to whip up and that made travel quite difficult. After days of travel, the heroes made it to the Scorshan outpost.

At the outpost, the heroes met up with the leader of the villiage, Patrin the wise. Patrin had explained Stephen Martin sponsored the party and had gotten him to agree to let the party try the test as a unit. The party rested in the outpost until it was time to travel to the outpost. During that time, they met with a tiefling wanderer named Kira (pronounced Khyra). Kira had found a special map that lead to the ancient tiefling city and was looking for people to help her discover its secrets. The party agreed after going through the trials.

The party left early morning to meet with Patrin. Patrin and some dragonborn honor guard set out thorugh the sandstorm to the ancient site of the trials. The trials only allow those who enter to experience them as it is a magical ceremony. Unbeknown to the convoy, Scroud and Julian Locklie had swiched places with two members of the convoy along the journey. While the gates had opened, a large flash allowed Scroud the time to magically alter he and Julian. They were transformed into vermin and they entered just as the party entered. The doors closed and the heroes fought valiantly thorugh the trials. The final trials were to face the friend of Torinn, the once small lizard friend had transformed into his real form-  a rare red dragon! The party battled and just as Atemarious admitted defeat, Scroud and Julian made their move. They used a flute capable of controlling dragons to capture and detain Atemarious. The two with the captured dragon were last seen flying toward a strong desert storm.

The party arrived at the outpost with the news. Outraged, Patrin authorized travel to the vaults to obtain the dragonborn treasure. The next morning, Kira and Cain discovered that the long lasting storm was really the Tiefling city. The city itself is a floating city sustained by ancient Tiefling magic. It had been thought to have been destroyed during the great tiefling conflict. Kira joined the party and together with Patrin the wise, they traveled to the treasure vault. The party traveled from there to the storm on the backs of three adult Grey dragons who had owed Patrin the wise a favor. The center of the storm held a massive chunk of land, floating in mid air. The land had sustained itself for many centuries and it housed many plants and animals not seen in the badlands below. In the middle of its massive swampland, the heroes could see the ancient city of Tchisseda from their flying vantage point.


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