TWERPS: Video Land!

Twerps Videoland!

Another videogame related TWERPS sourcebook by me.

This guide is also written for use with the TWERPS roleplaying game originally created by Reindeer Games and distributed by Gamescience. I am no way affiliated with Norman F. Morin Jr., Brian Rayburn ,Niels Erickson, Jeff Dee or Amanda Dee.

1: Introduction

Videoland is under siege! Enemies from many different games have formed an alliance and now they have taken control of Videoland! It is up to the remaining heroes that were not given a game over to find the video defender and save Videoland! Note if no player does not want to play a video defender then the heroes will just have to save video land without one.

2: Character Generation

Character Creation

To create a new character you will have to roll on the chart below to determine your character’s ST. Then you select a profession from the professions section below. Your character may gain additional professions by taking a -1 to their total ST score. Your character may have an St no-lower than 2 this way.

Die Roll Character’s starting ST
1 3
2-3 4
4-7 5
8-9 6
10 7


Athlete- +2 bonus to all lifting, throwing, running swimming, climbing and one sport of player’s choice.

Fantasy Hero- begins play with one melee weapon. +1 to all ‘to-hit’ rolls.

Monster Slayer- Choose 1 monster type. +2 to hit all monsters of the selected type.

Plumber- in Videoland, plumbers can jump on an enemy and deal 2 damage to them.  The plumber lands in an adjacent space to the enemy after the attack.

Robot Hero- Begins play with an arm cannon. +2 to all lifting throwing checks.

Noble- begins play with 40 C instead of 20.

Treasure Hunter- +2 to all gather information and checks regarding searching and disabling traps. Also gains a + 2 bonus to avoiding attacks from crocodiles and scorpions Begins with 5 c.

Video Defender- Begins play with the power pad and zapper. Hero must be a teenager from Earth (or a world that is comparable to 1980’s earth).

*you can use twerps super dudes to be a super hero, twerps magic for a magician, twerps kung fu dragons for a martial artist, Space Cadets to be an astropilot etc.

Items- Note, most stores only carry up to 3 items. They do not restock until a new episode.

Item Name Effect Cost
Fungi Causes hero to double in size. Effect cannot be stacked. +2 ST for purposes of physical prowess. In combat, grants a -1 to hit but +2 to damage! 10c
Magic Potion Magic potions come in all sorts of flavors. Many versions exist but this one causes the drinker to restore 1 point of ST. 5C
Arm Cannon A powerful weapon that requires a robot or android body. A robot may change their hand into an arm cannon for a ranged attack. The arm cannon deals 3 damage but has a 10 space range!
Powerful Glove This epic glove is a super enhancement. Treat it as a power pad with 6 Energy instead of 4. Melee attacks launched from the arm that the glove is attached to deal an extra 1 ST damage. 10000C*
Turbo Controller This is the gamepad that is controversial. Many call its rapid fire capability cheating. Comes with the rapid fire capability in addition to dodge, pause, super jump and super run. 2000C*
Power Pad This is a normal video defender power pad. It comes with 4 energy bars. It has access to the dodge, pause, super jump and Super Run powers.
Zapper a zapper is a strong ray gun. 8 space range 2 damage. 100C
Extra Life Once used, an extra life will restore a fallen hero to full ST. Only one can be used by a particular hero at a time but there may not be a limit to how many a hero is holding. Your Twerps master will set the limit for that. 5000C
Hammer A basic Hammer. In some worlds may be used to free petrified warriors but using it to free one will destroy the hammer. +1 to-hit, +1 damage. Hammers may destroy rolling barrels. 5C
Arrows(12) Ammunition for bow 1C
Food Depending on the food, it may restore as much as 0 ST to full ST of a hero. variable

*cost to modify existing powerpad or turbo controller.

3: combat system

*Optional Rule

Health Stat- Sometimes Videoland sends hordes of enemies into the battlefield. In order to combat this menace, the heroes track their health separately in a new stat (Gasp) called Health. The heroes still fall after being reduced to 1 ST but their combat prowess is not affected. This new strength only works in Videoland and not the real world.

4: How to do everything

Videoland VS the Real World

Videoland operates very differently than the real world. The real world varies depending on the game group and the TWERPS master, but the default real world is earth late 80’s early 90’s. Rules that work in the real world (running around with weapons drawn) may not be the same as Videoland.


All items are carried in some kind of special dimensional portal called an inventory screen. Virtually any handheld or worn item is stored there and does not burden the character with carrying anything. A thief can still steal from a character as if they were wearing a backpack. The inventory works only in video land.

The Powerpad

Powerpad- this artifact is given to humans that find their way into Videoland. Shapped like a controller the hero is given access to limited super powers for an episode.

The TWERPS master decides whether the powerpad, turbo controller or powerglove works in the real world. This can cause some interesting implications as the use of a powerpad like device in the real world may cause monsters to travel to the real world in order to take it by force!

Power Bars required Effect
Dodge 1 Gain a +2 bonus to dodging attacks for 3 combat turns.  Effects do not stack if used multiple times.
Pause 2 May freeze time for 3 combat rounds. During this time only the video defender may move. If multiple video defenders exist then only the one who initiated the pause may move at a time. If ranged attacks are fired during this time, they stay suspended from the angle from which they are fired until time is unpaused
Super Jump 1 May leap up to 20 feet into the air! If you land on an opponent deal 1 damage (unless you happen to be a plumber)
Super Run 1 You may run an additional 10 spaces per move action. Lasts for 4 combat rounds.
Rapid Fire 1 The hero may fire the zapper 4 extra times this turn.
Playing with Power 1 Grants the user + 6 to all physical actions for 10 mins.

***this spot reserved for cooky videogame world logic and rules! In the event of rules expansion, the Videoland rules may not work for everyone and will be considered optional.

5: Adventures

Home and back again

In this setting, the players are teenaged heroes who are transported to Videoland from an American suburban home in the 90’s. The displaced heroes must come to terms with being in a videogame and battle their way home.


In this setting, the hero’s worst nightmare has happened! The most feared teacher has joined the ranks of the enemy monsters and prepares to do battle with the players! The players either defeat the teacher or take a loss. Regardless, Videoland citizens want blood and will not be happy if their home losses. On the other hand, if they do lose they won’t be given bad grades.

Challenger Approaches!

In this adventure, the hero’s are able to use their powerpad or other items in the real world. The scope of this can vary from secretly winning sports events to showing the media the game device! Unfortunately each time the heroes use the items outside of the videogame land, humans (especially close to the heroes) get transported to videogame land unprotected against the onslaught of the enemies! In their place, monsters appear into the real world and actively track the hero.


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