Blades of Forgiveness: Creatures part 2

More bladelings for this edition.

Bowmen              Life points:  105/105

The bowen are a strange breed of bladeling. Their bodies are made up of whatever wood the area has growing. Because of this, bowmen may be susceptible to many diseases that trees are susceptible to. Their bodies naturally curve forming a tall humanoid with curved shoulders and neck. The bowmen has the ability to tap into the natural, magical energies that permeate the world and produce an arrow capable of damaging energy based beings. The bowman folds its body backward while producing this arrow and may fire with good accuracy. Bladelings may not be able to speak but they can understand commands. The bowmen has great eyesight, and is good at hunting and trapping, which make it useful for summoners lost in the woods.

Category: Between Worlds         Level: 2 Gnosis: 20

Class: Ranger                     Size: Medium

Ability Score       Base

Agi:        6              +5

Con:       6              +5

Dex:       8              +10

Str:         7              +5

Int:         5

Per:        9              +10

Pow:      5

Wp:        5

Armor type:  Sinewy body           Cut: 2 Imp: 2 Thr: 2 Heat: 2 Ele: 2 Cold: 2 Ene: 0 Location- full

Built-in bow        Attack: 75            Damage: 80        Type: thrust Damage energy

Dodge:  70


Presence: 35      Physical:  40        Disease: 40         Venom: 40          Magic: 35             Psychic:                35

Special Abilities

Does not breathe

Does not eat

Does not sleep

Natural vulnerability- fire double damage

Complete Night vision

Built in bow

Range 80ft

Base damage 100ft

Requires one turn to prepare

Secondary Abilities

Animals: 35         herbal Lore: 35  Traplore: 45        Notice: 50            Search: 50           Track:50               Hide:20


Swordwields are one variety of sword-based bladelings. Swordwields are based on short to longswords. Most of their bodies comprise of purplish black flesh. Their arms are composed of two sharp swords. The swordwield makes a good guard due to reasons outlined previously.

Swordwield        Life points:  125/125

Category: Between Worlds         Level:3  Gnosis: 20

Class: Warrior                    Size: Medium

Ability Score       Base

Agi:        6              +5

Con:       7              +5

Dex:       6              +5

Str:         8              +5

Int:         5

Per:        5

Pow:      5

Wp:        5

Armor type:  Sinewy body           Cut: 2 Imp: 2 Thr:2 Heat:2 Ele:2 Cold: 2 Ene: 0 Location- full

Blade Arm           Attack: 120          Damage: 70        Type: cut

Doublecutter     Attack: 120          Damage: 90        type: cut              Requires 2 turns

Block: 100


Presence: 40      Physical:  75        Disease: 75         Venom: 75          Magic: 40             Psychic:                40

Special Abilities

Physical Exemption

Natural Weapon- self

Increased physical resistance + 30

Armor 2

See Supernatural

Increased Damage

Secondary Abilities

Notice: 35            Search: 30           Track:25               Athletics: 40


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