Fight! the rpg

I have always wanted to run a mortal kombat style rpg. There once existed one called mortal konquest and it was a fanmade rpg and I tried it. It was ok, but we only really played it one time. I then found out about Fight! the rpg and picked it up. I am going to post a character I made for this game here:

Dust- Power level 1 MK ninja
Dust is from a clan of ninja that was once related to Scorpion. Dust’s clan broke off from Scorpion’s long ago, and his clan’s number dwindled. His clan elders broke an ancient covenant with the elder gods and were banished to Outworld. There, they survived unnoticed. They gained the power of earth ki over the years, as they were exposed to outworld’s supernatural energies. Dust one day was tricked by Qwan Chi by providing him the whereabouts of the earth realms defenders. As punishment, his clan was transfered to the realm of law and his clan was sentenced harshly for his actions. Dust’s goal is to defeat the emperor and with the aid of the elder gods, transport his clan back to Outworld.

Dust is 6’0 kinda of light but toned build. He wears a long brown scarf that konceals his face. His dark eyes are filled with heavy responsibility. He wears a dark colored vest and hakama pants. He wears tabi boots and carries a long knife and shuriken (made from super condensed dust particles) on him. His alt costume is a Pallette swapped MK ninja with deep brown as a coloration.

Str: 0
Spd: 1 Kontrol
Stam:  1

Power- Over dust, dirt and earth

Dangerous Job- Kill the Emperor

Dead Serious

Kombat Skills
Defense: 2
Kombo: 4
Ki: 1

Non-Kombat Skills
Agility: 2
Power: 2 over dirt and dust as a cloak
Thug Trashing: 1
Athletics: 2
Awareness: 1
Meditation: 1
Shadowing: 2
Slight of Hand: 1
Stealth: 3

Dust warp lv 3    Kommand: <- <- -> (back back forward)
Dust surrounds himself in a Kloak of dirt and debreis. He then disappears and appears behind his opponent.
Elements: Teleport (end in air option) Evade range, Priority, No Damage liability

Dirty Klaw lv 3    Kommand: down back HK
Dust forms hard rock around his leg and kicks. The hitboxes it can hit are low and hi.
Elements: Easy to Kombo, Hard to evade x 2, Incerased Damage x 2, slow recovery liability

Rock Spiker lv 3    Kommand: back back LP
Dust creates a small ball of mud, fills it with a few shruiken and thows it at an opponent.
Projectile, increased damage, always deals damage.


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