Differences in character

Currently in my rewrite there are 9 ways to make your fighter unique.  I am currently working two more.

species- mechanical
gender – nonmechanical
personality- nonmechanical
history- nonmechanical
characteristics- mechanical
battle skills- mechanical
non-battle skills- mechanical
techniques bought using technique slots- mechancial
combat chains- mechanical
Battle preference- New
fighting style- New

Battle preference- I want to give characters the choice at the start of the game of whether they are more ranged, physical, or support fighter. These options will modify your beginning stats as well as give you bonuses when you spend xp on certain battle skills and derived values. I also want to make it possible for a character to change preferences due to ingame events. Perhaps after a year or two of trainning, a fighter could develop their support techniques.

Fighting style- Player characters will also be given a fighting style. Fighting styles teach style techniques to the character as well as provide bonuses depending on the teachings of the style.

Both of these new ideas are currently in development.


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