Guilds pt 2.

As previously noted, there are many guilds that exist in Gaia. The ones previously mentioned in the first part of the guilds section are primarily in the Garrick continent but travel abroad on many missions.  These guilds can sometimes be very exclusive and membership is tough to come by. Each guild has special recruiters that travel the land in search of new talent to add to their guild. Some guilds only allow you to be a part of their guild if you meet certain requirements. Many guilds require that a character’s allegiance be tied to one and only one guild.  Some guilds will just remove your status while others take their knowledge and secrets very seriously. For that reason, if there is evidence that you are working for different guilds, than you can be marked for assassination.

Here are some examples of the requirements you must have before joining certain guilds.

Open Air- Entry fee of 1000 Gold

The Inspectors- you must have a service record with a law enforcement agency and 3 recommendations from people of authority.

The People- You must show great potential for magical acumen- Must have a Power ability score higher than 5

X-Kai- You must have slain one monster that has troubled more than 3 people.

Manslayer- You must have shown great skill with weapons. Manslayer typically employs few mages and instead focuses on martial based professions.

The guild of Darkness- Must have murdered more than 5 people. This is especially tricky as you also must avoid the law as well as gain the attention of guild members.


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