Example: Counter blasts

Many rules are being given examples in order to improve understanding of how they work. I decided to update my page with one of the examples I am creating for the game.

counter blasting example

Dayzen and Pharmacist Muru are engaged in a desperate battle. Dayzen is more physically developed but Muru has a higher power level due to illegal power increasing drugs. The battle has been going on for a few rounds now and both fighters are becoming tired (Muru more so as he had used many more energy attacks). Dayzen launches an energy attack (beam) equal to 250 points of power. Muru seizes the opportunity to his special death prescription technique (300 power beam) to counter Dayzen’s beam. Death Perscription is a fast homing energy attack. Both attacks collide and a beam struggle is created.

Dayzen’s attack so far is 250 points and Muru’s technique is 300 points. At this rate, Dayzen will lose. Dayzen adds another 250 points into the attack. He rolls a power control roll and succeeds. His attack is now 500 points compared to Muru’s 300 points. Muru was careless and spent a lot of power during the whole battle and does not have as much remaining power. He decides to withdraw from the attack. Muru aborts to evade. He now runs away (he was flying so he moves 50 move) away must use his next action to move. His next phase, he continues to move away with a sprint. He is now 250 move away from the attack. Dayzen decides to keep ahold of his attack and wishes to add extra fast levels from the attack. Dayzen adds 20 extra levels of fast to his attack (difficulty 20 + 200 move). Dayzen’s attack pushes past Muru’s and is now 300 points. Dayzen’s attack (now fast enough thanks to 100 move of an energy attack + 200 fast) also reaches his target. Dayzen rolls 3d6 + his power accuracy and Muru rolls to evade.  Dayzen hits Muru and disintegrates him, leaving nothing but a lab coat behind!


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