license to thrill

In my game that is very heavily based on dragon ball by r.talsorian, I have decided to create new abilities and energy attack options. I created many new options in order to provide more of a variety for the game.  For example, one energy attack option makes it possible to drain energy from an opponent’s power pool and add it to your own. I am looking to make an interesting restriction. I am going to make that one non-android characters only as they already have a gigantic advantage when it comes to power.

A word on negate damage, deflection and your fighter:

Deflections and flavor

A deflection does not always have to be described as a force field. It can be described as a character slapping away an energy attack (if the attack is lower than the deflection). It could be described as a wall of force that reduces a majority of the attack before what’s left gets through (attack is higher than deflection). Remember that description, when done appropriately could lead to the overall enjoyment of the game.

At lower levels, you will not be able to negate much. Energy attacks are expensive and very expensive, should you fail to dodge them. Consider an example character with a power control total of 22. The power control of 22 means they can safely control a 220 damage attack.  This attack, if you let it hit you directly without a deflection, will deal 1100 directly to your power pool and any damage left over goes to your hits. Player characters who go below 1 health this way are considered downed and have a hard time returning to the fight.

Now consider the same situation. The fighter uses the 220 point attack on an opponent and the opponent is hit. If the opponent had a deflection up of 100 points, they shave off 100 points from the attack. They would then take 120 damage. If you wanted to negate that damage, it would cost you 600 points of power. Much much cheaper, but in this case, you may just want the 120 points to hit your character’s health. After all, starting characters are now much heartier and your health grows much faster during play.

Taking damage to your power directly is a tactical choice. Taking damage to your power can represent many things. It could be the moment where the heroes launch a desperate attack on a villain and the villain just lets the blast hit them, knowing that they have so much power that they could survive it. Later on during the game, as the characters gain power, the larger the attacks they can create.

If anyone else has out there has any cool new ideas that I could use, by all means let me know. I am open to updating this page with new cooler concepts and ideas.


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