Cease and Desist?

As with other fan works, it is possible that R.talsorian games or Funimation may not like my fan work. If I was given a cease and desist order by either party, of course I would nolonger place this document online. I would definately be willing to remove my work from the internet as I do not want to cause any problems. If anything, I just want others to enjoy the properties created by the people who made them. I do suggest buying all the books put out by R.talsorian because I had a lot of fun with this game. As I have stated previously, I just found that I would like to create many house rules that would heighten my enjoyment of the game. If I need to remove all dragon ball elements from it, that can be done as well but it will take a bit of reworking. It can and will be done, but I wonder how much trouble a fan work that is not getting any money can cause?


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