Characteristics… another look

If you watch dragon ball, you will notice that many of the characters are very similar in how smart they are. Tien, Krillin and Yamcha being average in intelligence, Goku being on the low side and Gohan and Piccalo being considered the smartest. If you create a character in Dbz the rpg and you do not want them being really smart, then you can lower their mental characteristic by a few points and raise another characteristic by a few points. In this rpg, it is way to easy to want to rasie combat since combat will be seen more than a character’s academic acumen. I think I am going to look at how characteristic points are spent. After all, in my revised draft a lot of the villians are built using averages of the heroes stats. If you have one smart rules lawyer and they decide to do this


Mental 5     Combat 20

Physical 10     Move 5

He is going to definately make the game harder for other players. I am thinking I will lower the amount of characteristics starting players have and creating packages. I will say that with my playtest group, this has not been an issue but it could happen.

Combat veteran

This is your older martial artist that has seen a few battles. Either that or your prodigy who is just good at battling.  You begin play with + 25 power level.

Combat- 10 ,Physical -8, Move- 7, Mental 5


This person has pushed their body to the limit. They are typically very physically built. The character gains a + 3 bonus to the body skill as well as + 25 starting health and +5  Defense.

Combat-7, Physical-10, Move-8, Mental 5


This type of character is good in battle, but they are very smart, coming up with good battle strageties and a quick learner. They begin play with +3 to either control or gadgeteer.

Combat- 8, Physical- 5, Move- 7, Mental 10

Swift hero

This is a hero who is quick on their feet. A quick hero begins play with a + 3 to their body skills and + 10 health.

Combat-7, Physical-8, Move-10, Mental 5


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