My First OVA mini-series.

I have been thinking about my old OVA campaign. I am going to grab my post from another board and put it here. I may actually come back to this game one day. I am looking forward to the ‘2nd edition’ of OVA. Of course, my good buddy Storm will not be able to join us (game took place in college) but I did like this game. We did not have many sessions though but I am going to look through some of my old stuff and post characters and such from this and other OVA games.

first posted in 2005 October
Inspiration first came when I watched final fantasy Advent children subtitled release (dont worry, i wont give any spoilers). I loved the almost super sentai action the combat sequences had( I mean This movie beats the matrix for special effects). Then I took a look at all my other rpgs and none of them could do anything like that. So I went online in search of a better system and I came up finding OAV. Just by reading the pdf and looking at the site, I knew I could run a game with extreme action (don’t worry, there will be plenty of shoujo and story elements). But when it came down to story creation, I am at a halt.

Here’s what I have;
The game setting is mostly medieval with a few steam punk alterations. The hero’s all live in one of humankind’s last places of refuge against the mist, the kingdom of Ray-lyte. The mist existed many years before, but it only became hostile about 100 years ago. The mist summons forth demons from the nether world and ever since it gained this ability it is now poisonous to the human anatomy. Recently, out of one of the fallen kingdoms, a great and terrible ruler was revived. He is the king of pain (need new title, thinking more anime-esc).

What I am thinking
I am not sure If i want other races, but I am kinda thinking about this elvan race, or a race that is resistant against the mist. I am thinking about an mascot for the traveling group. Also I want advice for NPC’s. What kind of NPC’s were your favorites? Also I haven’t yet came up with a design for the monsters of the mist. Items of power?I still have a lot of time before the campaign begins (I just bought my copy from rpgnow (print version Very Happy ) OVA will you please pimp my storyline?

Ok, so I came up with a race called the Floran. I dont have my notes with me, but here’s what I remember. They are a humanoid race that is mostly formed from whatever plantlife that is in the area when they were planted. They are an A-sexual species that reproduces 6-7 times during its life. Since they are asexual, they may choose to gender identify with a sex as dictated by their personality. When growing, they can shape their mass so that they are either more masculine, feminine or a unisex body. They communicate by sound, by rubbing a ribbed structure located on where their mouth would be.

character idea Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2005 9:45 pm
Sorry that took so long to respond, but I am back for the moment… Anyway here’s what i came up with. I followed what clay wrote previous and made a sample character that fit into my story. Let me know what you think.

Health: 30/30
Endurance: 80/80

Abilities Level
Acrobatics 2
Barrier 2
Beauty 3
Defense 2
Magic Arcane 4
Position of Power 2
Vitality 3

Weaknesses Level
Absent minded 2
Code of Conduct 2
Focus (Barrier, Magic Arcane) (Wind) 2
Frail (-10 Health) 1
Hatred (nonwindy days) 1

Aire was raised on the southern edge of the mainland. As a young girl, she found that she had a talent for starting gusts of air. As she got a bit older, her lack of discipline got the best of her and she blew away a small hut, completely destroying it and ruining a family’s home in the process. The experience left her devastated as she ran away and lived off the land for 2 years. Eventually, as the demon mist started surpassing her ability to quell it, a man showed up and took her to the kingdom of Raylite. There, she studied and trained her abilities and became one of the four elemental of Raylyte.

— more from the elemental post
I have found that magic usage can be a bit intense in OAV. But it all comes down to which attributes you emulate and at what level. But things can be expensive. It is always a good idea to supplement magic attributes with levels of vitality (a duh answer). The first attack used by a character to attack an opponent he ended up instantly burning the enemy up dealing 70 points of damage (he is a monk that can manipulate fire and he choose to use the ceremonial fires they were preparing that night).

In my campaign, the myst is a real pain. First it shuts down a character’s endurance rejuvenation completely! Second, it subtracts 1 point of endurance from a character when they are supposed to gain some back. Therefore simulating a wasting effect on humans who are in the myst. Most monsters create the myst as a byproduct of breathing carbon dioxide, but its not enough myst to be in the air permanently. Lager sized monsters do expel enough myst to be in the air for a long period of time. It must sound a lot like Legend of Legia (i haven’t played that for a few years so there Smile ) But when the monster leaders of an area have been defeated, the lesser monsters retreat back to Lord Pain for new orders.

In order to combat the harshness of the myst, I plan on having quite a few city based adventures so that way the myst mechanics i made don’t drive my players insane… anyway, Aire was in the area and constantly pushing away the myst that monsters expelled and clearing it away. eventually enough monsters came into the area that she could not control the advance of myst (she began to feel weak and it was a day of light wind). Oh and I think I will add a point of smart and Naive level 1 (i like your reasoning).

The myst does not affect items of power.

Raylyte is last known city on the continent. Its huge, because it has to accommodate the lifestyles of not only this kingdom, but two others as well. So different ambassadors and kings and other royalty are present, making for more political confusion than most want to deal with.


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