New Games… also some minor thoughts on DB

I keep buying new rpgs lately. I recently picked up my copy of Fight! from Divine Madness. Very sweet game. I also picked up Heroquest 2 and Dragon age from Green Ronin. I just got a copy of Runequest 2 from mongoose press. I wont be able to run any of them easily with my schedule. I am currently involved in 4 (soon to be 5) different D&D 4.0 campaigns. I love d&d 4.0 but I do want to try something different now and again but because we are rockin and rolling with our games my players do not like changing games. Runequest 2 looks great though and I really want to try it.

On dragonball: I have been thinking if we drop multiple actions completely then we will loose some of the feel of dbz. Maybe the way to get around that is to create something called a chain. A chain will consist of a move action and multiple physical attack actions. Either that, or it increases the damage of an attack and allows the controller of the chain to get some kind of narrative contol on what the fighter does to the other fighter (within reason of course). A chain must not be abuseable though. My current thought is to make a chain cost 10%(round up) of a fighters total power.

Example: Dayzen initiates a chain against Lawyer Zeo. Dayzen has 1000 total power level. A chain costs him 100 power.


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