Geography part 1

*work in progress.

Geography of Garrick

Claria rests on a vast open plain. The area around Claria is nothing but rolling hills and grassy meadows. Trees dot the countryside as do various farms and small villages. From time to time the great plains suffer from various weather related problems. Much like the Midwest of the United States, the area suffers from strong summer storms. I will use Claria the city of technology as a point of reference when describing the landscape and area beyond the great plains.

From Claria, if you were to travel west, you would begin to see the landscape eventually become heavily forested. These woods are home to many kinds of woodland creatures as well as mischievous fairies and sprites. The land of earth is beyond the woods and it becomes very mountainous.

From Claria, the farther South you go, the more the temperature begins to warm. The land itself becomes flatter and the trees begin to dot the countryside less and less. Miles beyond this point, the land becomes a real savannah, where wild predators lurk in tall grass. The peoples become Nomadic and villages become sparce. The land of fire is farther south.

As detailed in the Tempust section, the east is the land of wind. The lands become very windy and various mills are set between the boarder of the great plains and Tempust country. The lands rainfall becomes more pronounced and colder as the elevation rises.

To the north, the great plains begin to become a bit cooler. As you travel farther north the land itself tends to become lower in elavation. The main roads lead you to a large beach and the few towns that rest along it. There are cliffsides that meet a rocky ocean for most who travel off the beaten path. The larger towns that rest along the ocean have light houses. The city of water resides beyond the beach. There are islands of varying sizes that dot the sea. The capitol city lies farthest away from the mainland in a large island that is very cold.


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