Eastern city of Tempust

There are many small cities that lie to the east of Claria, beyond its boarder and before the natural(?) phenomenon known as the gate of heaven. Tempust is the eastern capitol of the world.  Tempust peoples dress in a manner similar to the dress in early china. The peoples here tend to have fairer skin. The climate in the region is often very cold due to the rainfall and elevation. Tempust’s country simply named after its grand capitol Tempust is a strange country. It has varying architectural styles that remind us of eastern earth styles circa han dynasty. It has a proxy capitol called Tempest that many visit. The real capitol is far from the city it controls and is very dangerous to travel to. There is a governmental system set up to allow the proxy city to control the smaller cities while still remaining loyal to the grand hidden city.

The eastern lands past Claria tend to rise in elevation. The lands also attract a lot of rainfall so it is very muddy. eventually, those travelers will reach the gate of heaven and the high hill of fate. The gate of heaven is a large wall made of a type of mineral highly resistant to weather and erosion. It is a light color similar to a marble. The wall is very tall, reaching almost 8 stories in height. The enterences are typically 12 feet wide.  The interior of the wall is almost 40 feet wide, and there are some sections inside the interior that are cut out and allow all manner of creatures to hide inside. There are several sections that allow passage through and many bandits use the wall as a place to heckle travelers.

12 miles beyond the wall lies a grand plateau or the high hill of fate.  the road on all sides begins to narrow so that only the high plateau may be crossed. To the sides of the plateau are sheer cliffs to the rocky sea below. The climb to the top of the plateau is very dangerous. There are spirits who live on the high hill of fate who control how difficult the climb is. Some spirits can control the land itself while others can create believable illusionary walkways for those they do not like. At the top lies the grand city of Tempust.

The peoples of Tempust are very standoffish to travelers. This is a surprize as many peoples who belong to the country of Tempust but live far away from the grand capitol are very outgoing and kind. The grand city has a vast library that contains the most accurate recounts of the past. The strongest summoners often congregrate once a year to have a grand contest. This is the only event where outsiders are not given a difficult time.

Rumor- There is a hidden way to teleport from Tempest to Tempust.

*work in progress. Still working on primary magical spheres, more rumors and notable NPCs.


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