Dragon ball: Playtest 1

Using my new guidelines and the storyline I have posted here, I came up with a playtest. I had a “danger room” program set up and the party of 2 faced ROBOJONNY.

What worked:

hand to hand combat worked well. The reduced amount of defense compared to damage just being physical * 3 was very cool.

The hand to hand techniques actually worked well.

New forms- Altered states for player characters worked well. I am now using a few things from the MMO like two castes for namekians. I created a form for Namekians and rules for sayian rage. These seemed ok but I do want to try them again.

What needs work:

The consensus is that boosted actions needs to go.  It will be interesting to see this go as it has been there since day one.

A clever player created a burning after affect with deadly effect. After Affect should NOT stack. Perhaps the higher damaging of the source should be taken.

You can move then attack, but if you attack first you cannot do anything else. Lame.

What changed:

I decided to go back to points = damage for ki. It is much easier to use and less deadly in the long run.

There are several things I need to test; trainning, about half the power modifiers, challenge levels, etc. I hope everything else works as well.


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