Dragon ball: more on exp

My current draft on how player characters advance.  Characters gain skill points from encounters in which they were challenged (enemy has higher power level). One thing to note is that no matter the challenge, characters will always gain bonuses to power level and power up so these numbers grow quite often. I am hoping to tone down skill growth to make sure all player characters can still interact with each other without easily being outclassed. This system may work for a little bit but i will have my work cut out for me once alternate forms come into the picture.

One thing i am working on is what I will call “unlocking ki secrets”. What this means is that the increases characters see will grow as their power levels grow. For example an experience point while characters are below 1000 power level will give them 50 power level. If they are now over 1000 power level and below 10,000 then that same point will be equivalent to 500 power.


Non-combat Advancement

Characters will constantly gain power (power up stat and power level stat) increases each session. Depending on the overall power-level of your current campaign, each participating character gains a certain amount of power level at the end of each session if that session did not end during a combat. If that session did end during the middle of a conflict, the power-level increases are held until the end of the session (the session that the combat ended on).  The power up stat will also increase 1/4 the amount of the power level increase.

An example of this is after a session where heroes delivered goods to a foreign planet, the gm decides to award 100 power level to each player. The heroes will also earn 25 power up.

Combat Advancement

Sometimes experience is the best teacher and when it comes to combat, surviving a conflict is often a good way to learn a lesson. After a conflict, divide the total power level of the character you fought by your power level. Round up the result to the nearest whole number. Then and multiply that result by 100. You gain that much power level. Divide that result by 4. Gain that much power up. If the combat involved enemies that had a higher power level than the heroes, than each hero that participated will gain a one point bonus to each of their combat skills. Each combatant also gains a permanent bonus to their health. The amount of health gained equals the character’s physical + body stat. Round this number up to the nearest 5’s.

Ex: Dayzen, who has a power level of 900 fights the medicine man. The medicine man had a power level of 2300. 2300 divided by 900 equals 2.5. Round 2.5 up to 3 and then multiply that result by 100. Dayzen would gain 300 power level from the encounter. 300 divided by 4 equals 75 so Dayzen would gain 75 points to his power up. Dayzen’s physical characteristic is 8 and his body score is 12. Dayzen will permanently gain a bonus to his maximum health score equal to 20 (no additional rounding necessary in this case).

If your game master prefers slower growth, you may change the rules by multiplying the result by 10 instead of 100. If you prefer slower growth, round power up gained up to the nearest 5’s. A character would gain an amount of health equal to their physical characteristic rounded up to the nearest 10.

EX: Dayzen would gain 30 power level from his battle with the medicine man. He would gain 10 power up. Dayzen would gain a 10 point bonus to his health score.


Characters often spend non-game time training.  If the character is not challenging themselves they will only gain 1 skill point every 3 months. Otherwise each hero who trains will gain 1 skill point per month. A character may not spend skill points in the same skill twice in a row. It is possible for a character to get left behind if they do not train seriously.

Ex: It’s May 1st and the heroes have 3 months to prepare for their next challenge. Kater and Dayzen are training and pushing themselves each month. Bunbun is not taking the next threat seriously and decides to go to aerobics or to the gym. Meanwhile, Kater and Dayzen are sparring and meditating. Kater and Dayzen will gain 1 skill point during May, 1 point in June and 1 point in August. Bunbun will only gain a skill point in August.

*Work in progress: If a skill point is put into the body skill, the hero will gain 5 point bonus to health and defense. If a skill point is put into power accuracy, the hero will gain a 10 point bonus to power level and power up. If a skill point is put into power control, the hero will gain a 50 point bonus to power level and a 10 point bonus to power up.


Training under higher gravities than you are used to is very difficult. A character needs a number of weeks equal the gravity level they are getting used to minus the gravity they feel comfortable with.

EX: Kater is training in a specialty gravity simulation room. Kater is used to the standard gravity of most worlds (level 1 in game terms). In order to get stronger, he decides to crank it up to level 5. During this training, Kater will need 4 full weeks of training to get used to this without pushing himself.

At the end of each session, the game master rewards players with an amount of power and powerup. Characters training under gravities multiply this amount by the amount of gravities they are training under. After receiving this reward, the character then becomes used to those gravity levels and will not receive an additional bonus until they go up another level of gravity.

EX: Kater spent the remaining time of a game session training under 5 times standard gravity level. His game master has given out 100 power and 25 power up session bonus. Kater will gain 500 power level and 125 power up bonus. Next session, if Kater continues training under 5 times standard gravity level, he will only gain the standard amount of power given by his game master.

Hyperbolic time chamber

*working progress

Pendulum/ spacetime rooms

Space time rooms are special meditation chambers that allow one to face simulated opponents. Because they are heavily taxing on the users, the training is only successful one time. Combatants who enter the room feel as if they have really traveled to another space and perhaps a different time period. The combatants who travel will face an opponent similar to their next opponent. Every participant will gain experience points as if they really fought that opponent. If they were to parish in that dimension, they will return safely to their body with only their pride damaged.


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