Current progress: DBZ

This draft has been removed. The latest draft is now available.



  1. Heh. There are so many things in here that look beautiful, very similar to the original game while still adding that little bit of extra crunch that allows the original rules to make sense.

    What you’ve got for character advancement, specifically how quickly characters gain experience and how quickly it’s spent, is a little bit vague, and really seems to be the only thing that concerns me at this point. I can easily see this as being a great way to keep players within certain ranges of each other, and thereby making sure no one gets totally left out of the more epic battles.

    Just worried that once the specifics are laid down, players end up doing the same thing as before and somehow managing to outclass each other so completely, one player would leave everyone else in the dust. Still, if skill gain is just a few points per session, then it’s obviously going to be much easier on the GM.

    Splitting combat and non-combat skills is a definite improvement. I hadn’t thought of that. Plus it allows humans to have that special perk of bonus skill points without being allowed to just drop them into combat ability. I feel that’s an excellent move.

    I don’t entirely agree with giving humans Sense Ki automatically. While it does seem like Hide Ki is a natural ability all humans have (they seem to suppress to half ki until they either power up deliberately or have an adrenaline rush), it takes a lot of training to be able to gain the ability. It seems like none of the Z fighters could sense energy until training with Kami. Goku certainly couldn’t, and I didn’t see any indications of Krillin, Yamcha or Tien being able to. I don’t count Chiaotzu because he started off with powers no one else did. This is counting even the start of Z. It wasn’t until after Raditz’s death that the humans learned to sense energy. Piccolo already knew, but he was a demon. Gohan’s a special case, so he learned in five minutes, watching Yamcha fight the saibaman.

    Also, is it just me, or do humans learn things way faster than other races? Goku was the slowest learner of any of the Z fighters. Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu and Krillin end up doing the things Goku does in less than half the time. What’s up with that?

  2. Glad you like it :-). I agree with you on the human aspect. It seemed like Goku figured out something first due to story and it took him weeks. Then the human heroes would figure it out super quick. Could be Toriyama being lazy again or maybe there is some meat there. Maybe that could be something humans are best at. I can take sense out of the human’s starting abilities and replace it with something like we discussed.

    The advancement section is still something I wish to iron out. I am considering toning down skill advancement vastly to avoid player characters becoming too distant. I am hoping to make most advancement in powerlevel and power up. I am also working on what combat xp looks like. I am thinking I will go with some kind of effect where you subtract your current total power level from the last enemy’s power level and you gain a fraction of that. ugh, Skill points are the biggest headache. I am hoping to make skill advancement happen during extensive training and even then, it be minimal.

  3. An idea for Power Level advancement: use percentage increases. Take the normal idea of opponent’s PL divided by your PL times ten, but instead of having that be the number of XP you gain, have that be the percentage of your PL you gain. Say you have 1000 PL and gain %10 by fighting an even opponent, you’d gain 100 and end up with 1100 PL. Might help get the math to stay consistent.

    But yeah, I’ve got my human bonus as being bonus XP from training, but not from combat. Saiyans tend to get crazy boosts from combat, while humans learn and finish training much faster.

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