To do list: What I am workin on Ironing out

I am currently ironing out these topics.

XP System. I am working on an xp system that I feel is better than what was presented. Its still a work in progress though.

Training/weighted clothing- creating rules on armor. Its near completion

Knockback- This one is fun. It is practically done, but if you look at the rules for knockback as they exist today, they are quite clunky. I am using a simplified way of figuring knockback. More on this soon.

Challenging Opponents- I am working on how to better design encounters without leaving players in the dust.



  1. In my opinion, these three topics are the most challenging part of the fix.

    The way XP is now is nice and simple: (Opponent’s PL / Your PL) x10.

    The average fight against your equal will net you 10 XP. Back in the day when we played tabletop games of this, my character always had XP pumped into Fighting and Evasion, with none put into PL at all. No one could hit me, I could hit anyone, and pretty much any fight got me over 100 XP. Not good at all.

    One of our fixes was to increase PL by 1 per XP you get. Solves one problem. But if skills increase at a 1:1 XP cost, you’re still getting wildly varied skills. The only solution I could really think of at the time was a 10:1 cost. That slows things down a lot, making skills more manageable. On the other hand, a single tough fight will only get you a +1 bonus to a skill. Is that okay? I dunno.

    I’m starting to get close to having my own system deviate pretty far from Fuzion again after having played DBZ: Attack of the Saiyans. I like the idea of having level ratings for skills and abilities, really low levels like 1-5. What I envision is starting to look more like West End Games’ Star Wars D6 system. Rolling 1d6 per level of skill, then having skill increases be much slower. It might work out pretty well, but it wouldn’t really be Fuzion, would it?

    As for equipment, my version of the game has no real room for it, as I see it right now. Weapons in my sample characters have just been variant Strike Techniques (don’t remember what those are called in the original books, combat maneuvers or somesuch). Armor…I’m thinking of just keeping armor as being a descriptive thing, without mechanics to back it up. That’ll get tough once I introduce mecha (because everyone likes martial arts against giant robots), but it seems to work for now.

    The last, the truly difficult, is to make a challenging opponent without slaughtering everyone like the books suggest. The original advice was to add up the characteristics and skills of all your players. No freaking way. My advice? Take the highest values of your player group’s individual characteristics and add 10, and simply use the highest values of each skill in your player group. It leaves the traits within the dice’s range, while still making the opponent able to use the group’s various specialties against them.

  2. Oh, and Knockback. I kinda forgot what they do in the book, something about damage dice minus Physical equals knockback.

    What I’ve done is make it so knockback only applies to physical attacks that are dedicated Knockback Strikes. You roll attack and damage like normal, subtract Guard from the damage roll, and then it gets weird: Instead of reducing Hits, the leftover damage is the number of Move the target is sent flying.

    Maybe disable the ability to use Knockback Strikes if you’re doing a World Martial Arts Tournament, because then one round of Extra Actions and a series of Knockback Strikes would end every match immediately.

    I’ve got energy blasts automatically doing Knockback unless they have Deadly Effect. Damage to Knockback ratio is a flat 1:1.

    Figured that might make knockback a little easier to handle, without being quite as difficult as it used to be.

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