Primer to the world

Updated version:  Still behind but this version adds many of my NPCs from the Moonglow Seige story arc.

Justin’s Wurld: A primer


Time Line

1872 BC- Current year. Stephen Martian revealed his identity to his close confidants. Atermarious was kidnapped.

1870-1869- Crimson was devastated. The coming of the Gnoll god Yeenoghu, Demon Prince of Gnolls

1861- Stephen Martian is removed from power.

1860- King Edmund Martian died, dividing the golden sun empire into 5 parts. Each part controlled by one of his sons.

1855- Edmund Martian unites all the human kingdoms under one flag. The Golden Sun Empire.

1840-Edmund Martian marries a woman from the haven state by the name of Maryann Bemusal. They will sire their first child within the year.

1830-Edmund Martian returns, much younger than he left. He begins his vast diplomatic journey around the veil continent.

1287- Treaty of the Magi signed, ending unjust persecution of magic users

846- The Sorcerer wars ended with the signing of the Treaty of the Moon. Most of these heroes were never seen again. Edmund Martian disappeared. The new hands of the shroud formed but their presence remained secret.

831- The 50 year war of the paths ended and the Sorcerer wars began.

781- The 50 year war of the Paths begun. Edmund Martian became a war hero at a very early age.

210AC- The Dwarven king Ironcrown created the “Golden City”. The first successful city since the Cataclysm

0BC- The dragons of wrath appeared onto the land. They nearly destroyed every civilization leaving millions without homes. Plagues cost many their lives and the future was uncertain for many.

9829 BC- Eladrin began departing to the fey realm. They foresaw a cataclysm and tried to warn many. They failed to persuade all who they spoke to.

10074 BC- Tchisseda was lost. The Tieflings fled and have since to have a kingdom as robust as Tchisseda. The hands of the shroud were formed in order to preserve the heritage and magical knowledge of Tchisseda.

10128 BC- Tiefling city Tchisseda Nearly destroyed civilization in the Orhura region. This region would be renamed the badlands.

10219 BC- Torinn the 1st appeared and established the 1st greatest kingdom of Veil.

??????- The Dragonborn were divided amongst who they followed, Tiamat or Bahamut.

??????- ArchonBleck the Beholder Mage God Wrecked havoc on the world. Vecna, for reasons unknown, appeared onto him and locked him away for all eternity.


The War of the Paths abridged

A 50 year battle in which Lemond Cargous, Hero of the Crown Region and his army of human and Dragonborn allies from the Badlands battled Targus Ironbody and his Dwarven brothern. There was a political debate which lead to bloodshed over the lands of Vermillion. The battle escalated to include nearly ¼ the continent of Veil until a much greater threat made himself known. During the war, Leomund Cargous died in the battle of Storm Run, which the site of the battle would become the city of Crimson. During this time, Leomund rose a protégé named Edmund Martian, who proved himself a great hero despite his age of 13.

The forces of Ironbody traveled to the Crown Region. The Battle of Rockridge was the final battle of the War of the Paths.  Rockridge held the tower Imperioum which was the greatest magical academy in the known world. Within its chambers, Morrisfell Durandul the prodigy of magic had used his powers to become the 1st liche. He was responsible for many experiments with the flow of time itself, which scared many. He was captured and held prisoner deep within Rockridge for months. During the battle of Rockridge, he managed to escape with many prisoners who also practice magic.  He then promptly ended the battle, leaving only 100 survivors including Edmund Martian.

This also ended the War of the Paths. The Targus Ironbody died in the battle and the dwarves of Haven State did not wish to continue the battle. Too many lives were lost over the lands of Vermillion. The formal peace discussions would not be fully realized until many years after the War of the Paths as the Sorcerer War had just begun.



The Sorceror Wars abridged

Began and Ended in Rockridge when the great liche Morisfell broke free. He then granted several of his top followers Lichdom in order to procreate his species. Morrisfell gained the support of many wizards throughout the land as he promised a great new world full of magical study enlightenment through undeath.

This caused backlash in many magical communities because magic users were found to be potential enemies if they joined Morisfell. This caused many more people to join Morisfell because nonmagic users lost magic user family members to hatred and prejudice. All across the lands, sons and fathers, mothers and daughters, were torn apart to which side they supported.

Morisfell and his army of wizards, swordmages and magicians of all kinds proved much too powerful to face alone. Edmund Martian gained support of the dragonborn of the Badlands, The Elves of Havenstate, the Dwarves of HavenState and even many Tieflings who at the time, were dwelling in the lands of Vermillion.

The main conflict lasted 15 long and desperate years. There were many casualties on each side. The Gods themselves took part in the battle and caused an interplanetary rift, utterly destroying the lands of Vermillion and opening many gateways to the elemental plane of fire. The Gods soon left the war, fearing their presence would further destroy the world.

The Final Battle started as Edmund Martian; Shiva Loonwail Horeleous an Eladrin Wizard Queen; Peter Pockrock a Halfling rouge; Sorento Draco Dragonborn Elite of the FlameBrow Clan; and Torinn 2nd stormed Rockridge and the Sun Citadel, the new base of Morisfell the Bloodred. Within its chambers, Morisfell was attempting a grand ritual which would rip the Beholder Mage God Lord Arconbleck to this world. Before the ritual was completed, Shiva interrupted the ritual. The resulting magic backlash had a profound effect on the city of Rockridge. The great city was destroyed.  Shiva, Edward, Peter, Sorento,  Torinn the 2nd and Morisfell  were thought to be lost.

The Battle ended with the treaty of the Moon, signed by the wizard’s guild of Rockridge and the Cargous royal family. The Wizards of Rockridge offered complete surrender. Magic users of all kinds would be persecuted for the next 300 years. As for the rest of the world, the pieces of this era were theirs to pickup. The Cargous Imperial bloodline would rule the lands for 700 more years.

After years of rebuilding their lands, the peoples of Veil have made many sacrifices. The dwarves of Haven State have located a new home in the Green Hill Mountains. The Tieflings never got to return to their homes as they were destroyed during the war. The Dragonborn of the Badlands were able to rebuild their families. The Eladrin started coming back to the world.

Edmund Martian would appear in the site of the Sun Citadel. He was much younger than when he left. Edmund would then begin his political quest. The Cargous royal family was in the middle of various cival wars. Edmund was able to come into the land and create long lasting peace. The citizens made him king. The Cargous were furious, but realized it was for the best. The Cargous had their time and they realized this. Edmund would go on to marry, and create a grand empire.



Current Time

The year is 1869. Edmund Martian lie on his deathbed. The kingdom he built was divided amongst his 5 sons Daniel the oldest, Robert, Stephen, Richard and Howard the youngest. The funeral was held and mourning lasted a week. The great hero of the sorcerer war came back into the lives of the peoples of Veil and performed great reforms. He saved the Cargous from execution. He united all the peoples under one flag equally. One thing he could not do is foresee the future. The future that would threaten all he built.

Each son retired to his kingdom and began performing his own agendas. Stephen Martian inherited his father’s old advisors (William Kaiser, Myrna Simpson and Brian Thomson) and the family’s land in The Badlands. Stephen was never satisfied with what little positive change he was able to perform. His advisors one day became withdrawn. They often held meetings privately. Stephen assumed positive intent and focused his attention to bringing about great change.

The advisors were in secret planning session. They conspired and together framed Stephen Martian of conspiracy against his brothers. Stephen’s lands were taken and divided by the advisors with William Kaiser holding the most power.

It was about this time Stephen left the Badlands. He would silently observe his kingdom and the changes it would go through since his departure a year ago. He traveled the land in search of a new home and new purpose. Luckily he was able to confide in his brothers Richard and Howard, who still believe in him. They helped him get back on his feet and Richard granted him lands in the Vermillion plain under the name of Ottoman Bruen.

NPCS Moved to the new living guide located here

Odds and ends

Torinn- Torinn is no normal dragonborn. He is said to be the reincarnation of the first Torinn the great whom slew Kaltelalsjhth the Wurm singlehanded and the only dragonborn to complete their ancestral trials singlehandedly. It is said that a Torinn is born when the world needs him the most.

Chronomagery- Extremely powerful magic capable of altering the rates of Time around subjects. Chronomagery frequently creates states of suspended animation with organic beings. No one knows much about it. The Duranduls experimented with it often in the past. One strange occurrence with Chronomagery is that organic subjects come under no harm until the effects wear off.

Hands of the shroud- The hands of the shroud are a clan of Tiefling spell casters. Their order formed out of the destruction of the once great capitol of Tchisseda. The original founder was responsible for many of the trageites during the great war with the dragonborn.Her teachings persisted throughout the ages but her family line was wiped out during the mages war.


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