Dragon ball- starting from scratch

I have been looking at all the rules from the 3 main books. I have found that there are a lot of rules that I disagree with completely. I am planning to start over and look at everything. What this will mean is that I will be rewriting the rules completely. I will still be using instant fuzion and the stats will stay the same for the most part, but a lot of changes may be necessary to completely make the game what I want it to be. Some things I am considering

Power Stat: needs to be broken up into two stats: control and to-hit or accuracy or something to that effect. I think that with characters having power stats in the 500’s in the later books they have no way to actually avoid each others power based attacks. Lets look at an example:

Currently the rules state that to hit with an energy attack, a hero rolls power + combat + 3d6.  Garlic Jr. from the Garlic Jr. saga has around 170 power. There is no way on 3d6 that Gohan with an evasion of around 70 could ever hope to avoid any of his energy attacks. Whats to stop Garlic from tossing a 1700 dice energy attack at Gohan and annihilate him!

Too much dice: The current rules stat that hand to hand combat damage and energy attack damage are each measured in dice. I am looking at a way to remove the dice and somehow not make things worse for hand to hand attacks. If you remove the dice and apply points, it works kinda well for ki attacks, but hand to hand attacks suffer.

another example- using the house rule of apply the points. A hero like Krillin in the Android saga has a physical of around 10 and a fighting of around 70. Together this would make about 80 dice damage.  If you dropped the dice and went with the points, he only deals 80 damage with each punch. It is strong, but it is not strong enough to actually deal any damage to any opponents. With dice, 80 dice is enough to often do something at 240 damage (average 3 on each dice).

Learning powers: I hated this one. Reading power levels comes to anyone with a power level over 20000 but somehow every z-warrior on earth could do it even before the Saiyan saga… Yeah, not acceptable.

There are also some rules calls out there that many disagree with. I would like to ask some to post what rules they would like appended so I can get an idea of what other groups liked and dident like.

I have been looking at all the rules from the 3 main books. I have found that there are a lot of rules that I disagree with completely.


  1. You are running into the same issue my friends and I had. 90% The rules do not make any sense as written but the groundwork is there. We cobbled together various systems when we played DBZ while still trying to use the Instant Fuzion basics. I’m interested in seeing more of what you develop with the system.

  2. Here’s a potential idea for the issue of damage dice versus damage points.

    If you decrease Defense to Physical x 2 rather than Physical x 5, it becomes much easier to deal damage, and if Hits remains Physical x 10, then there’s still a large amount of points to keep battles lasting a while.

    For my own game, I decided to go back to using dice for damage, but made melee damage be just Physical in dice. Getting energy blasts to be more cooperative is still tricky, but I’m working on it.

    As for the Power skill, I changed its use to be purely related to learning and controlling ki techniques. I put energy blast accuracy into the Ranged skill, along with thrown weapons and guns. Likewise, I took out the Weapon skill and rolled it in with Fighting. In addition, I made it so melee defense is always Fighting + Combat, while ranged defense is always Evasion + Move (as I have Move relating to reaction speed as well as running speed). This seems to balance the attack and defense skills together.

  3. Wow, you have some great ideas there Nintaku. I was going to just go with multiply by 3 but it sounds like these changes may be better and more user friendly. I especially like how you consolidated the skills. This is great stuff!

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