Claria: Country of Technology

Claria- a country of technology

Primary Sphere: Creation

Secondary Spheres: Fire, Air

Claria the country of technology is the world’s leading technological country. The total population of Claria is around 2 million citizens. Claria is also the name of its capitol city. The main city of Claria is structured in a unique way. The city is divided into three layers, which serve to divide the classes as well as provide a unique style. Each layer is about 200 feet between each other. The upper class sits above all others at the top layer and they are treated to a beautiful view each night. The layers are traversed by a series of lift elevators, which are designed to handle many tons of weight. The middle layer represents the middle class. Many clerical jobs and the radio main building reside here. The ground floor has the lower class. There are sections that do allow a lot of sunlight into the ground floor, but many of your laborer jobs are here. Many places to shop are spread out amongst the layers.

Clarian technology consists of steam technology with crude automations being their greatest innovation. The automations or autos are able to be programmed to do basic functions. Currently, the autos will continuously perform the same action until told another. A rod of control named the garris is needed to tell the auto to perform a different function. Basic autos perform at strength 13 for basic labor tasks.

Claria also has the first power plant. The power plant is located 20 miles south of the main city of Claria. It supplies power only to the country of Claria, which is used mainly for indoor lighting. Claria also boasts the first radio transmissions. The main city and any city within 100 miles are able to intercept the signal and broadcast back. There are three main networks. The government channel plays broadcasts that affect all Clarian civilians. The music station plays music through the airwaves. The last broadcast is the advertisement channel. Civilians can pay to post anything from personals to help wanted. There are also pirate radio stations.

Clarian dress- The main style of dress in Claria is similar to Victorian England.

Clarian buildings tend to be rectangular in shape. Most buildings are two – three floors. They tend to be built more for efficiency than decoration. They are normally built out of brick. The roof is accessible and has guardrails for safety. The roof is angled slightly to avoid trapping of water.

Current Governor: Mary Charlotte age 58

Mary Charlotte was born a native Clarian. She was born to a privileged family but always felt there was more to life than wealth. During her teenage years, she often rebelled by going to the lower layer with friends her parents did not like. She was able to compare and contrast these differing ways of life and made a choice. She decided to run for office and clear up the strict social class divide. Her predecessor Jonathan Levy was a shrewd and cold man. Mary is a short woman, with light brown hair. Her eyes are a nice pale blue and she has a small nose. She is very congenial but she is not gullible. She is a great politician; her experience from the lower layers has done her well in her career.

High Arcanus Christopher Neal

High Arcanus (position held by top magician of country) is a man by the name of Christopher Neal age 59. Christopher Neal is a harsh man, tall of stature and very cold. He believes in nothing but the advancement of Clarian magical arts. He has lobbied many times for additional arcane studies but the funding is just not available. He is a bit dismayed that money is poured into technology instead of magic.

Chief inspector Abraham Monet age 48

Abraham is a funny man, large and balding. He is dark skinned and has brown eyes. He has a great sense of humor and is highly skilled. He was a boy when he met the Govenor of Claria. He is from the lowest layer and is not afraid to show pride for his roots.  He truly believes that people are innocent before proven guilty, but he is also very protective of women and children.

The secret behind Clarian technology is its scientific division called Blackfox. Blackfox is well known for its quality products from radios to autos. One major distinction is the Clarian weapons produced by Blackfox are the Arms. Arms are extremely high quality weapons. Arms are a combination of weapon and firearm. There are less than 50 Arms and each is named and registered by to their owners. Anyone who has stolen an Arm is soon found to be on the most wanted list of Claria.

Archos border

Peter Archos, a former surveyor and architect constructed a large wall that bisects the Clarian and Glacieen borders. This border was created in order to keep creatures from the soul flow from getting inside. Currently the borders seem mainly in use to protect the borders of Claria as well as collect toll from travelers. A percentage of this toll is given to Peter and as a result, he has been made a wealthy man. He designed the wall 50 years ago with prototype autos.  The autos were mass produced mainly for this task. Due to their nature, the autos helped Peter create the border in 5 years. Currently Peter is 76 and he tends to make appearances in polite society.


Claria and Tempust have been working on a new technology capable of giving ships enough lift to fly.

Blackfox has created enough arms to give to the Clarian standing army.

Peter Archos uses some of his wealth to fund Blackfox operations.

The lower layers plan a massive raid on the high layer.


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