TWERPS: Simplicity rpg

I have a fondness for the simplicity rpg known as TWERPS. In it, everyone only has 1 stat which is Strength. Note that this stat is not the typical physical muscle strength but it is the overall effectiveness of everything the character can do. The game is played with only a single 10 sided die per player. How characters are differentiated from each other is their professions. Professions/Skills do more than add a +1 or 2 to the die roll. They represent accumulated knowledge the character has from learning how to be a Dentist, doctor, what have you. I am going to post some of my home brew settings for TWERPS here.

You can find an active yahoo group called Howtodoeverythingbetter for more info.

You can buy TWERPS rpg from   . I got most of the sourcebooks from there. You can also buy it from Nobel Knight games. The core  game is about 6$ US.

My first conversion: Last Fantasy

Last fantasy is a TWERPS way of playing final fantasy the rpg.

Required materials

-Twerps 2nd edtion and  Twerps Magic.
Note: Twerps How to do everything better helps with new spells and the creation of magic items but its not necessary.

Version history
0.1    put it online for first time.
0.2    Decided to spell check. Forgot to add the job limit when I first posted it. Added aquaball as useable weapon. Minor wording changes and gave caller access to 3rd level spells
0.3    More wording changes and spell checking. Followed the advice of and gave ninja the stealth bonus and the ex mercenary a combat bonus.
0.4    Added Pictures! Changed Ex-Mercenary a bit, added key-sword, added unyielding rage rules, some more minor wording changes. Added some sample monsters. Changed leap knight rules around.
0.5    Upped the resistance of the toneberry. Extended keyswords value to better reflect its source material.
1.0 New clarification to jobs. Added new Martial artist ability. Updates to rage ability, spell granting items and monsters.
Character Creation: As basic 2nd Ed. rules

Jobs: In Last fantasy games, a character may only advance in 1 job.

Warrior- +1 to hit in combat.
Light Mage **- Light mages may only effect undead with the harm spell.
Dark Mage **- Dark mages may not purchase the heal spell.
Thief – +2 to all thief related checks
Martial Artist *+1 damage while unarmed. If a monk wears any armor with a def bonus over +1, they loose their unarmed damage bonus. Martial artists may “focus” for 1 turn. If they do so, they deal + 2 damage if they hit on the next turn.
Grey Mage **- Proficient with both light and dark magic. May buy any spell but may only advance to level 3 in a specific spell.

*Note that if you own Kung Fu Dragons, you may use those rules instead.
**Note: in this universe, the summon spell is off limits for these Jobs. Instead look to the caller job for summoning.
How to do everything better

Elements come from the gems of elemental might and infuse the world. Elements oppose each other. Fire and water oppose each other and air and earth oppose each other. When attacking an opponent with an elemental magic weapon or spell, it gets a +1 bonus to hit and deals an additional point of damage.

TM notes
Last fantasy campaigns usually revolve around an epic quest to either protect or revive 4 gems of elemental might. Last fantasy games usually involve airships later on in order to speed up travel between key places. For ideas on ships and how they work you can use the Rocket Rangers supplement.

Other worlds
More jobs are present later on in the series.

Leap-Knight – Leap Knights train their bodies to perform jumps of great distances. Because of this they perform a +1 to their ST for jump checks. Leap knights also train for a very special attack. Leap Knights may leap extremely high into the air on their turn. If they do so, they do not come down until the following round and cannot be targeted by spells and effects. When they return, their momentum causes an additional 1 damage. A leap knight may leap a number of times equal to their ST per day.
Optional Rule: If a leap-knight leaps in an enclosed space, they take 1 damage from the ceiling and immediately fall to the ground and loose their next action.

Aqua Dome Player- Spending time in the high pressurized environment while playing aquaball grants an aquaball player a +1 bonus to ST for purposes of initiative. They are the only other job besides the clockmage that may purchase the time spell. They may only buy 2 levels of the time spell.

Caller- The only job that may purchase the summon spell. They begin play with 1 level of this spell. Any other spell a caller buys maxes out at level 3.

Copycat- Has the Mimic ability. The mimic ability allows a copycat to perform the same action as the last person who acted in combat a number of times a day equal to the copycat’s ST. This roll uses the copycat’s ST but the skill of the person they are copying. Unfortunately, if anyone hears of the character’s profession being a copycat, they loose -2 to ST for social interaction checks (NOBODY likes a copycat). This job is particularly odd and it may not be suitable for most campaigns.

Ex-Mercenary- Ex-mercenaries generally have an angst problem. Ex-Mercenaries get a +1 to to-hit rolls. Ex- Mercenaries may wield oversized swords without penalty.

Clock mage- The clock mage is the only job that may buy the time spell besides the aqua dome player. The clock mage may not buy heal or harm spells.

Ninja- Receive a +1 bonus to all stealth checks. May throw any item (that they can logically hold in 1 hand) up to their ST in spaces. A weapon deals its damage as normal but will break or get lost from the throw. Things that are meant to be thrown receive a +1 to hit. Things that are not meant to be thrown receive a – 1 penalty to hit and deal 1 damage. Things that are not meant to be thrown only travel 2 spaces. For particularly silly games, you can throw other PC’s into opponents!

Time- May increase/decrease a target’s ST for purposes of initiative. The number modified depends on the spell levels used as normal.

Unyielding Rage- A small stat called edge will be added to the character sheet. It fills over time depending on how much damage your character sustains in combat. Its effects vary however as they need to be built. Edge stat gains 1 point for every 2 points your character receives in battle. When your edge stat is the same number as your character’s ST, it is full and your character may unleash its rage attack. Edge may be saved up over time but not over adventures. A character may only have one Rage attack but it increases in power with each increase to a character’s ST.

Building rage attacks
First determine its name. Then spend an amount of power points building it equal to the amount of ST the character has. You may buy new rage abilities by spending victory points. A new rage ability slot costs 4 victory points. Each power point costs 2 victory points.

Point cost / bonus
1 / + 1 damage
1 / + 1 to-hit
1 / + 1 range. May spend more points to build ranged effects.
* / can use to mimic a spell like effect. Treat the cost as if you were buying the spell itself.
0 + add an element. An rage attack may only have one element.

Weapon name / to hit / cost / damage / range / misc.
Gunsword / +1 / 20 / 2 / 5 /-/ May opt to use ammo to deal an additional point of damage at a risk of -1 to hit.
Oversized Sword / -1/ 20 / 3 / 1 / oversized swords can reach up to 1 space away. The wielder also acts 1 ST lower than normal for purpose of speed and agility tests.
Aquaball /+0 / 6 / 2 / 4 /Official game ball.
Key Sword / +1/ – / 2 / – / Key swords can unlock all locks (doesn’t disarms traps though).

About the Gunsword: Gunswords are fun, but this model is not really meant to fire rounds a long range. The ammo actually does not fire from the weapon, but it is used to vibrate the blade as it strikes the target.

For MageryTech Armors see Mechi-tech supplement.

For Beko Mounts, see Ostrix in fly by knights’ supplement. Beko Mounts come in three flavors. Plain yellow Beko mounts cannot fly and are most common. Red Beko mounts have an ST 3 harm(fire element) spell. Black Beko mounts can fly and follow the flying rules found in Fly by Knights. Other settings may have new Beko mount flavors, so stay tuned!

Toneberry- Small creature. Has yellow eyes and usually wears robs. Moves 1 space a round until it gets into melee distance. ST 10. Knife – damage 2 (8 in the hands of a toneberry). All damage done to a Toneberry is reduced by 3. Note that Toneberries are so powerful that they take no damage from summoned monsters!

BoOm- A circular creatue resembling a spark of flame. ST 7. They will fight for 3 rounds. After the third round they normally self-detonate dealing its left over ST in damage to everything in a (remaining ST) space radius. BoOms are weak against Ice type attacks.

Cactor- A weird cactus monster with an irregular movement pattern. ST 9. They will use their 10 needle attack that deals 10 damage to an unsuspecting character! This move only occurs once per day per cactor.

Spell granting items
There are often spell granting items in last fantasy settings. In these settings, mage classes such as caller, dark, light, time and grey do not exist. Instead, a character gains possession of a spell granting item type chosen by the TM. Only 1 kind of spell granting item exists in Last Fantasy campaigns in order to avoid confusion. They usually consist of these basic types, containers and gems.

Container variety items hold a summon-able monster within it. The summon-able monster will teach a character any spells it may know.  A Gem variety only contains a spell. Your Twerpsmaster will decide if one, both or none of these kind of items exist in the campaign.

Each container has 1-5 spells that they can teach the player. As a rule of thumb, decide how many spells are in a spell granting item, then distribute a number of levels equal to how powerful the item is between them. Weaker items may have 5 level 1 spells or 1 level 1 spell depending on how strong it is. See TWERPS magic for the costs of purchasing spells using victory points. Note only the character that buys the spells have access to the spells granted by the item.

Each container may also summon a monster within it. Each monster is considered a specific elemental type and that type is determined during creation of the container as well as the monster’s ST. The monster will appear next to a number of targets equal to its ST and the user determines how to divide up its ST amongst those targets for the damage. They are summoned on the turn of the user and therefore acts on the same initiative. A summoned creature only appears one time per conflict.

Example: Magic-Sight- container variety
Magic-sight- a magic-sight crystal stores a monster within it. Airmann is created with 5 points of stats and 5 spell levels.

Airmann- ST 3 Defense +2.
Float Level 2
Missile Protection level 2
Bolt (Harm elec element) 1

Sockets- gem variety only
Most weapons and armors in worlds that use spell granting items have sockets. Generally weapons and armor only have 0-3 slots in them. Some can have as many as 8 sockets. Sockets are used by the wielder in order to keep track of the spell granting items currently in use. More often than not, a socketed item usually has as many sockets as it has to-hit/defense bonus. If the character does not have the gem in the weapon or armor then the gem does not grant its effects to the person holding it.

The gems start out with 1 spell (the spell, level and type predetermined). Each gem can grow in strength if the user spends victory points in it, increasing the spell level of the spell stored inside the gem. See TWERPS magic for an example on how spells grow with victory points.  Unlike the container variety, any victory points spent stay with the gem. The important thing about this is that allies can trade gems. This is good and bad as gems can be stolen!

Example: gem material variety
Emerald Material Flame gem- grants usage of a fire element Harm spell. It begins play with 1 spell level of Harm(fire typed).



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