Old Post on SAS

I am going to post my oldest pitch for SAS.  I am going to edit it a little to add new thoughts on it.

I am working on a game that can emulate shonen anime. Even if my game does not work out, at least I can say that I tried to create something that emulates shonen games well.I am trying to focus on what makes dbz good and expand that logic to cover other subjects like Bleach.

How it works some definations

Season- The campaign Story arch

Grades- Determine the relative strength of a character within the scope of a particular season. How this will all work out will be determined at a later date, but the scale is A++, A+, A, B, C, D, E, F, F-, X
Bursts- Bursts are the altered states our heroes often get into when they are in extreme trouble. They range from Extreme Rage, to peaceful alclarity. Each burst is triggered only one time during a game day and of course, a game day can be as long as the story needs it to be. Stronger characters often get more than one burst but all player characters and important NPCs start with one.
Abilities-  They are the ‘powers, techniques, etc/  that your characters can do. The GM will need to decide which abilities fit their setting but I will say that I am working on having powers that are not necessarily combat in nature. That way, a very charismatic character can still hold their own in a fight. As your character gets stronger, their abilities get stronger as well.
Spirit – this stat controls how much power a character has is called Spirit. This number is a total of 100% and will not get higher. Bursts and healing items can restore Spirit, but ultimately it will take time to restore. The idea is that with growth in grade, techniques will be more powerful when facing opponents and some techniques may become cheaper.

power creep.
With shonen anime, new enemies who are much more powerful than the last always arrive on the scene. Instead of the numbers in the game getting larger, the characters are scaled back compared to each other. The idea I came up with works with the game’s  concept. Grades are subjective only to the current season. Characters who move on from 1 season to the next loose their current grade level but are still considerably more powerful compared to past villains and NPC’s. They only “lose” grade levels to scale back the power within the scope of the new story arch. Characters who do not advance with the campaign will be eventually written out of the story. Why do character’s grade level change?


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