Anima- Kingdoms and Espers part 1

There are 5 kingdoms who each own a share of the main continent of Garrick. The kingdoms are: Magna the southern kingdom of fire, Tempust the floating kingdom of air to the east, Glacier (pronounced gla-see-air) the icy kingdom to the north,  Antel the earth kingdom of the west, and finally Claria the city of technology. Claria is also east, however it is located between Tempust and Glacier.

Ancient beings known as the Espers were believed to create the kingdoms. The Espers were a race known for the gift of magic. It is said that the most powerful Espers were embodiments of the magic paths. Each created a city and their followers practiced the teachings of the governing Esper. Eventually other races began to emerge. The other races (man included) began to learn paths from many Espers. This progress intrigued the Espers, who worked with each other to create a utopia.

Man had the smallest lifespan of the sentient creatures of Gaia, yet they were able to learn the magic of the paths with as much fervor as the Sylvans. Man had not the might of the Jayians, yet they could defeat them in battle. The Espers knew that Man was something special. The Espers decided to leave Gaia, with Man in charge. The Espers were going to another realm known as the Soul Flow. There, they may be more in tune with magic and still watch over Gaia. Other races decided that in order for Man to properly take care of the world, they would also migrate many of their numbers to another world, known only as Levi*.

* Levi is a world between the soulflow plane and the material plane for those D&D players out there.

Man had found life mates with many other races in this time. Their progeny would be known as the offspring. The term nephilim holds no sway in this universe, but the offspring are not too prominent. I this regard, the offspring are not held with contempt as in other Anima settings.


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