SAS: Notes 1

So I have decided to live the gamer dream and begin creation of my own rules light/rules medium game. My game is currently being called Shonen Action Story. It is an rpg that allows players and the game master to create shonen style roleplaying games.  The game is mainly success- based with a resource management system inside of it.

First play test showed that the rules for powers are consistent but there are perhaps too many things to keep track of.  Also great suggestions from my friend Matt are also being considered. I believe I will spend some time creating definitive power creation rules and build common abilities from there. The “core rules” or book 1 will have everything you actually need to play. I may create source books that use the rules in different settings to provide GM’s with good ideas and such.

If the game gets tested enough and is fun enough, I wish to release it digitally only through a source such as rpgnow.  I am aiming for a small price for it depending on things such as page count, etc.


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