The Matriarchs

At this time, each elemental city was being ruled by a different Empress. Jaya, empress of fire; Nana empress of wind; Milidrea empress of earth and Mystidista empress of water. Each empress was a master of their element and were master spell crafters. They each banded together to promote knowledge and growth creating an educational renaissance. All kingdoms of Gaia benefited greatly from trade and the growth of arts.  The Espers were pleased, and felt as though they could leave Gaia to the 4 known as the Matriarchs.

The Espers left the world to journey into the soul flow. The process, called the sending, was performed by a group of wise people called “the People”. The people were humans brought together from different walks of life who had the goal of attaining personal and spiritual enlightenment.

The People were brought together by the Matriarchs, who then granted them a temple in the East Mountains. This temple came to be known simply as the temple of Zeon. The Espers gathered at the Temple of Zeon and The People began to help the Espers leave in mass to the soul flow.

A group known as the shadowed fist soon made its name known in the world.  The Shadowed fist was a syndicate whose aim was to gather precious artifacts. They also were involved with dark beings, which lived in the soulflow. During one of their missions, they discovered the plan to send the Espers to the soulflow. The Shadowed fist then conspired to interfere with the ritual as the last Esper left Gaia. By doing so, they would cause a temporary rift and free one of their many dark masters.

What transpired was a complete tragedy. The Shadowed fist had succeeded in disrupting the closing of the ceremony. The result was different than what anyone had imagined. The soulflow spilled into Gaia, putting many creatures from the soulflow into Gaia. Many of the Espers who made the trip were already too far into the soulflow to be swept back out.

The soulflow, which was now steadily pouring into the world, could not be fixed by The People.  The People reached out to the matriarchs for aid. The Matriarchs were displeased at the news. They only knew of one spell that could restore order, but it was risky. Depending on how integrated the soulflow was with Gaia, the soulflow and Gaia could be forever cut off, resulting in the eventual death of Gaia and the Soulflow as a whole.

The Matriarchs decided to ban together and cast the ritual, known only as ritual 13. This ritual needed the power of all the members of the People as well as the Matriarchs. When the spell was cast, the entire great temple of Zeon was taken into the Soulflow, along with the Matriarchs and the People.

The soulflow stopped its breach into the world of Gaia. It was a short lived victory. Too many powerful entities from the Soulflow made their way into Gaia. There was also the problem of who would now rule the elemental kingdoms. An age of chaos soon followed…



  1. Thank you for your reply! I am glad you like the setting thus far. Its coming along kinda slowly, but it is still alive! I have been working on something that I am going to share on so stay tuned!

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