Tuffles- the new Transhumans.

With the release of the awesome looking Eclispe Phase rpg by Catalyst, Transhumanism seems to be the new elf in rpgs. What is Transhumanism? Wikipedia – knower of all things Describes it as:

“Transhumanism is an international intellectual and cultural movement supporting the use of science and technology to improve human mental and physical characteristics and capacities. The movement regards aspects of the human condition, such as disability, suffering, disease, aging, and involuntary death as unnecessary and undesirable. Transhumanists look to biotechnologies and other emerging technologies for these purposes. Dangers, as well as benefits, are also of concern to the transhumanist movement.“”

The concept is very interesting. Humans using super technology to further show our one-upmanship against nature. I am getting very interested in this concept at a game level (and will be buying Eclispe Phase) but will also be implementing transhumanism into Dragon Ball.


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