Creating new advancement rules

One thing I never liked about the instant fuzion game is the skill creep. If someone has greater than 18 points in their evasion than your attack, you will never hit. I am in the process of creating a new advancement system that rewards roleplaying as well as combat experience. This new system will also change how characters grow in an attempt to curb this issue.

My first change is to reduce the ability to upgrade your skills and characteristics greatly. A hero may be rewarded with a skill point or 3 every now and again. These points will be awarded for intense training and are awarded during in game training sessions or scenes.  Characters will be constantly gaining power (power up stat and power level stat)  increases each session. Depending on the overall power-level of your current campaign, each participating character gains a certain amount of power level at the end of each session if that session did not end during a combat. If that session did end during the middle of a conflict, the power-level increases are held until the end of the session (the session that the combat ended on).  The power up stat will also increase 1/4 the amount of the power level increase.

An example of this is after a session where heroes delivered goods to a foreign planet, the gm decides to award 100 power level to each player. The heroes will also earn 25 power up.

Then each character earns a number of points for different things. 1 point for roll playing well, 1 point for achieving a goal or objective (something harder than getting an ego waffle).  These points are cashed in by players to learn new special moves, gain more power level, etc. Each option also has a separate cost.

I have created a lot of house rules. The complete advancement change will be posted when I post my house rules later on. One optional rule I am using is that you can abort maneuver in order to take damage directly to the power in your power pool. Creating a deflection stops much more damage (with my house rules you cannot abort to a deflection but you can abort to taking damage to your ki directly).  I think this best describes how in many instances the heroes are able to hit the enemy but the enemy can still shrug it off.


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